Do your severe migraines keep you from the things you like to do?

You may be experiencing attacks that range in severity. It’s important to communicate to your doctor if and when your migraines are so severe that they become unbearable and force you to miss out.

Research has shown us some eye-opening findings when it comes to severe migraines.
Migraine patients reported…

Migraine monsters may be in your head.
Ever wonder what’s in theirs?

Severe symptoms can lead to an overwhelming migraine attack, thanks to Uh-Ogre.
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More than 75% were unable to complete any routine tasks around the house

32% missed at least one day of work or school

About 54% said they experience severe impairment, sometimes requiring bed rest

Even more alarming, it’s believed that more than 90% of all migraine sufferers are unable to function normally when experiencing symptoms. Starting the conversation with your doctor about the severity of your migraines is the first step towards a plan.

Did you know?
Migraine is the 6th most disabling illness in the world. Don’t let your symptoms keep you from the things you love!

Take on your monster.


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