Do morning migraines take you by surprise?

Starting your day with a powerful migraine is a nasty burden.

Research has shown that
HALF of migraine patients 
sometimes experience symptoms upon waking.

Several changes occur during the morning hours that can influence migraines. Between 4am and 8am, your body produces fewer natural pain relievers called endorphins and enkephalins. At the same time, your body may release more adrenaline than usual, which could affect your blood pressure and play a role in migraine attacks. With all this happening, it can be hard to treat your morning symptoms the same way you treat symptoms during other attacks.

In a survey of 500 patients,
41% said that their medication did not provide relief fast enough when they woke up with a migraine.

Once it has started, how long can a migraine attack last?
Migraine attacks can last between 4 and 72 hours

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