Does nausea or vomiting
wreak havoc during a migraine?

Nausea is very common with migraines and is sometimes accompanied by vomiting.
Nausea and vomiting are hard to tolerate during a migraine—no one has time for them!

More than 70% of migraine sufferers experience nausea or vomiting.

Did you know? During a migraine your stomach may empty slower than usual.
This could increase nausea and make it difficult to absorb some medications.

Are you satisfied?

In a recent survey, nearly 50% of patients did not feel their migraine medication gave them relief fast enough when they had nausea or vomiting.


Take on your monster.


Migraine monsters may be in your head.
Ever wonder what’s in theirs?

When it feels like a migraine won’t let you keep down a meal, it may be this monster.
Lil’ Queazy introduces itself in our ongoing video series.

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