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As a defender against your patients’ migraine “monsters,” you know that there are many different types of migraines.
With the Migraine Monster Identification Kit,you can take action now.

Every migraine is a different monster

  Some patients may not be able to communicate their symptoms effectively. That’s why the Migraine Monster Identification Kit is so useful. It allows patients to better understand their attacks and track their symptoms in a diary, which helps you find the best treatment option for them.  



Morning Migraine

Rinse ‘n Whine is the monster that takes its victims by surprise. Approximately HALF of migraine patients sometimes experience symptoms upon waking.1


Sudden Onset Migraine

For those who feel their treatment may work too slowly, Abruptasaur may play a role. Overall, 44% of adult migraine sufferers say they experience rapid-onset migraine.2


Migraine with Nausea or Vomiting

When nausea or vomiting wreak havoc during a migraine, the culprit could be Lil’ Queazy. Among migraine sufferers, 70% experience nausea or vomiting as a result of their migraines.3


Severe Migraine

Sometimes a migraine is so severe that it can get in the way of doing everyday tasks and activities. This terrible effect is characterized as Uh-Ogre.

Introducing the


An educational tool to help identify your patients’ migraine types.     The Migraine Monster Identification Kit is designed to support health care providers in the symptom and treatment dialogue with patients. Use the contents of your Migraine Monster Identification Kit to help your patients relief they need.

Each kit contains:

Introductory Letter

An introductory letter to the Migraine Monster Identification Kit that explains how to use it.


A series of Migraine Monster flashcards that represent the different migraine types.

Office Poster

Migraine Monster office posters that can be placed inside your practice.